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How Quickly Can You Begin Making Money Online?

If you are interested in internet marketing and haven't yet made any earnings, I am sure you have probably asked yourself the question how quickly you can start making money online? The answer to this question will be different according to who you ask. You see, if you ask an experienced marketer how quickly they personally can make money online, they will most probably tell you that they could generate money in less than an hour. Some marketers could literally do it in minutes and that's without any paid traffic cost incurred. In this article I am going to focus purely on how long it takes as a beginner to making money online.

Paid versus Free Traffic

In order to make money online you need to be selling a product in some capacity. More specifically you can generate commissions as an affiliate or you can create your own product and sell it, keeping all of the profits you make on each sale. Obviously creating a product is going to take some time and require certain things that you don't need to do if you are an affiliate.

Once you know what you are selling, you need to drive traffic. This is where the speed element comes into play, because if you have money to spend you can pay for traffic and get sales more quickly. The downside to this is that it costs you money so there is a strong likelihood in the beginning that although you will make money with paid traffic, it could end up being a break-even or even loss-making situation until you figure out how to make that campaign profitable.

There are numerous ways of generating free traffic and although there is no cost financially, there is in the time you invest. You see, no matter how you look at it there is some cost, even if you don't think there is. Now if you have time on your hands, you can trade that sweat equity for traffic that you will be able to drive to your website over time.

Get Rich Slow

Instead of focusing on how quickly you can begin making money online, instead focus on building an online business with solid foundations. The returns in the long run will be much larger than if you have no structure to what you are trying to achieve. Don't get involved with the mindset that you simply want to make money when you could be applying yourself to building a business that will pay you for life.

Now when you are first getting started you will find yourself in the situation where, unless you have a large advertising budget, that some days you make zero sales or maybe just the one. Then you'll have days where things start take off and you'll generate a few sales, followed by days where you may make none or just the one again. Don't be disheartened by this because as your business grows, it will become more stable and although it will fluctuate you will see solid sales volumes on a daily basis.

Don't Quit The Day Job Yet

Some people can be tempted into quitting their job once they begin making some money online, in the belief that if they focus all of their time on this pursuit, it will quickly replace the income they have just severed. Unless you have ample savings to last six months or more, my advice to you is to build your online business until the point where it at least replaces your current income. Ideally you want it to be exceeding your day job income before you even think about becoming a full time internet marketer.

If you apply yourself, you can start to make money online relatively quickly. Just be aware that like any business, it does involve a learning curve and you will need to consistently do the right things in order to gain traction. Over time you will be able to generate a steady level of sales and connect with a growing audience in your niche market.

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