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Maximize Your Customer Traffic With Pop Up Trade Show Displays

When you're surrounded by the competition, you have to make your booth stand out or you just won't get the customers. What can you do to attract trade show attendees and maximize your customer traffic? Here are a few tips to enhance your pop up trade show display so you can make an impression and get a chance to make new sales and new clients.

You MUST Use Graphics

The beauty of pop up trade show displays is that they are easy to assemble and can be customized to display one or a collage of pictures. Use this to showcase your creativity! A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you think your product is service can sell itself without the help of graphic displays you are very, very wrong. Select colorful, crisp images that represent what your business stands for so that your audience can see what you are selling as you tell them about it.

As trade show attendees stroll down the aisles they can be easily overwhelmed by the noise of the place. You calling them to your booth with some catchy pitch may not be very effective, and can be easily drowned out as they begin to ignore the noise. Paint a picture of what you can do for them. Captivate your audience and make them slow down for a better look by using just the right image to draw them in.

Use Lighting Wisely

Trade shows vendors pack into crowded exhibit halls because it is an opportunity to communicate with current and prospective clients. Once you've caught a potential client's eye, guide them towards your product samples by providing a lighted path for them to follow. Use lighting on your back wall pop up displays to encourage them to step into your booth and learn more about what you can offer. Many pop up displays can be equipped with halogen or LED lights so you can design the right lighting to set the mood for your exhibit booth.

Add A Monitor Mount

Vendors often travel long distances to attend trade shows and you can only bring so much. Set up a monitor mount on your pop up display so that you loop images of your products or examples of your completed jobs and services. This is an excellent tool since it allows multiple people to view the screen at the same time, without taking up valuable table space with heavy picture albums.

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