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My Video Talk Review - Is The Hype Surrounding My Video Talk True?

My Video Talk is a global establishment with an extremely large following over seas that is currently coming out in the U.S. They provide elite video communication products, online meeting possibilities, video email, and offer made-to-order video sites that can be used by anyone to hosue their videos and distribute them with the internet. This article will provide my view on the company and whether they're a scam, or a long-term opportunity for you to make a solid income in the MLM industry.

Right off the bat, We've been able to build numerous very large network marketing organizations into the thousands and we have been a trainer for numerous companies. I am a partner in an internet marketing mentoring establishment, so I absolutely have the expertise to asset My Video Talk's parameters.

We've noticed 3 things that a MLM business needs to live beyond a short-term hype machine and make it in the long run.

#1 - The establishment needs to provide an unique, high quality commodity or service, AND they need to have a value proposition that is at a minimum competitive in their niche.

My Video Talk does offer an unique product. All of their products apart from one are offered elsewhere, but the enormous profit of using their service is that people can wrap them all together and achieve important savings.

None of this is of any value unless the video services are competing with what else that is online. My Video Talk's online meeting capabilities are better than the industry leader Webex, and are costing lower than Gotomeeting which is a good thing for the establishment's long life.

#2 - The business needs to have a top quality leadership team, and be promoted by top MLMers.

My Video Talk is already a success around the world. Top MLMer's in Asia and Europe are already on board, so this is a big positive for them. However, the USA is still the largest open market, and the 1 that the establishment's success will hinge on. From what We've heard and whom I've talked to, they are on the brink of bringing in some of MLM's most renowned heavy hitters from various companies.

The establishment is owned by Team Effort International, LLC Founded in 2002. Any time a business can go beyond the 5 year mark, they are in VERY good shape for a long-term run, so this bodes very well for My Video Talk.

#3 - From a reps outlook, even the mighiest establishment in existence is useless unless you have a good marketing plan in place.

My Video Talk has the ability to be a long-term winner in the MLM industry, but my experience has dictated that unless a MLMer knows how to market themselves, they have no hope at success. We've seen reps that have been hugely successful in other industries fail miserably because they couldn't market themselves and had no idea how to develop a successful team in MLM.

These are the skills that are fundamental for Massive Success long term irregardless of what establishment you're a part of. If you follow this blueprint, and seek to advance and accumulate knowledge of how to market your business like a professional, than you will have advantages over nearly every other My Video Talk wholesaler.

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