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The Anatomy of Choices

The Anatomy of Choice
  1. Even if society might excuse  us legally or morally  from some of our actions, due to "hormonal imbalances", a temporary state of insanity, multiple personalities, or "they really didn't know what they were doing", what comes out of our  house, is what we  have endorsed on one level or another; payment is due and payable at all times by the Being who we are.
  2. Whenever we move  into  new territories within our Beingness, we broaden our psychological horizon and become aware of the untouched potentials which lie within us.
    1. By overcoming  one's fears, new opportunities will exist for moving forward on our journey of self discovery and our eventual biological transformation  and spiritual evolution.

       Whenever we  make  choices based on  our ego, emotional desires, or because we want   quick and short term solutions which are more attractive or easier to deal with rather than  to do what we know would be best for us in the long run, these  choices   will only move us forward into eventual chaos and lengthen our road to Freedom.  However, whenever we opt to take the path of a Higher Value by  overcoming  our willfulness  and the fears which  keep us from making  the decision which we know is the right one for us, that is a giant step forward, especially when we know that that decision  might bring us a much harder road to travel.  We move forward into maturity and wisdom whenever we choose the Higher Value, regardless of the consequences which society will heap on us. 

There are many fears which can strike us, leaving us immobile and unable to move forward into  making any decision.  There is the fear of going against society's
  1. Fear is a great equalizer that makes us see our image in the mirror of facts and shows us who we are and of what we are made.
    1. It is only when we have a permanent Real Self, that we can say "I"  and it is only then   that we  have any real free will and are able to make more positive choices for ourselves.
  2. Each "I" has its own desires, motives and directions it wants to go in and will, when having center stage, take control of the Being and make whichever choice  suits its  own needs.

It is only after  we have awoken  from our sleep and have become the Master, that we will  begin to understand that there are many false selves living within us and only after that, will we be able to begin to distinguish between our  Real Self and each individual character  who surfaces and tries to take charge.

  By being alert  to this various cast of characters,  we can come to recognize each individual when it surfaces.  Some will be known to us but some  lie so deep within our depths, that we did not know they existed until they erupt to the surface due to some trauma inflicted upon our Being.  It is one or the other of all  these various characters who, depending on the event occurring,  or  on the Being's  dominant emotion of the moment, that ‘triggers" a particular "I" to surface, to take center stage and  control of the Being.

Until the Real Self  has become  permanently ensconced as Master, the Real Self can still be obliterated whenever one of the stronger false selves takes center stage.  The willy-nilly choices made by the various false selves often go against the very choices that the Real Self would have taken.  Is it any wonder why it is so hard to steer a straight path towards a meaningful and positive goal, when the multitude  of characters living with us are always sending us off into so many different and conflicting directions and keeping  us in a state of confusion and indecision.
  1. Realms which lie beyond duality, mind and matter, are static in their completeness and therefore change is not possible.

Living within the law of duality binds us to a state of constant flux;  our lives are constantly shifting, not only without but also within and constant changes call for the making of many choices.  Some of our most frequent and painful choices we are asked to make are those between the longings and passions of the heart and the diverse "black and white", "cut and dried" opinions of the intellect. 

Often when a choice we made doesn't bring the results we expected, then we think we have made a mistake.  In the long run we cannot make wrong choices for there is no such thing as a "mistake", there is only ignorance.  In the short term, some choices we make due to our ignorance  can cause us more pain and hardships than  would have been necessary had we  made a different choice;  a different choice might have made that particular step of  the journey easier and faster.  In the long run however, we can never escape a lesson which needs to be learned and sooner or later a lesson bypassed will come around again, giving us another opportunity at it.
  1. We are always given what we need, which is not necessarily what we desired or thought we needed.
  2. The outcomes will only materialize when the events in our life are ripe for them to do so.

  Nothing in the Universe is wasted—not our choices, not our thoughts nor our actions and aspirations.  Eventually all will come back to us but not necessarily when we wish them to.  The results of our choices might simply not be ready to materialize yet, it might not be the right time for us and only when the events in our life are ripe for that choice, will it activate.  It might not be until many years later or even not until another lifetime and  often the outcomes we wished and planned for, will come in a different form than what we had envisioned.

   Whatever roads open to us due to our choices, or due to the descent of Grace, there are particular lessons waiting to be experienced and lessons to be learned    If a particular road needs to be traversed we might not find or take it through our own awareness but rather be guided into that direction, but no matter how  we find that road,  whether by an act of Grace or  through a maze of our own making, we will arrive at our intended  destination sooner or later;  the sooner or later depends on us.

Wherever we are meant to arrive, we will eventually get there, no matter what choices we have made.  For instance, if it is ordained that we go to Philadelphia, then we will be guided in making  those choices which will help to get us there.  If we know by the repeated promptings from our Higher Self that we need to go to a particular destination, we will have free will in choosing how to get there—whether by a direct route or by many by-lanes and convoluted turns—planning the roadmap is then within our hands.
  1. Some choices are made due to intuition but  intuition is a two-edged sword, for it is often difficult to determine whether it is really intuition or just the ego's manipulations, for   many times intuition is usurped by the ego which then uses the intuition's message for its own purposes—the ego is a cunning foe and knows all our weaknesses and will take control whenever it can.
  2. By contrast, changes to our personality are much easier made;  we merely have to make those choices which will change our habits.

  Positive  changes made in our personality will definitely make us a better person as far as society is concerned but  personality is only a temporary entity and all that the personality contains will cease to exist after its death.  In contrast, the DNA of the Being who we really are, is our essence, the core of our Immortal Self and all that has been added on to essence during each lifetime will continue to exist.  Growth of essence is the only possession that we can take with us  when we leave this world.

 In the end, all the choices we made  will eventually bring us to the same conclusion—that of a transformative   turning point on our evolutionary path.  That shift will lead us forever out of our present small and dark consciousness, which is sustained by  lower values and which still  remains rooted deep within the legacy  of the animal kingdom and our animal body.
  1. By choosing to take the path of  Higher Values, we will  further transform our Beingness     and advance us further along the Road to Glory.

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