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How to Change the Oil in a Mercury Villager

    Prepare Your Villager for an Oil Change

    • 1). Lift your Mercury Villager using a jack and then place the car on jack stands. If you don't have jack stands, drive the van onto a set of wheel ramps.

    • 2). Pop the hood and remove the dipstick and oil filler cap. The oil filler is near the engine block, and the dipstick is on the front of the valve cover.

    • 3). Gather an oil drip pan, 14-mm wrench, oil filter wrench, cleaning cloths and a new oil filter. Slide under your Villager.

    Change the Oil

    • 1). Locate the oil filter and oil drain plug underneath the Mercury Villager. These components are near the engine block underneath the van.

    • 2). Remove the oil drain plug using a 14-mm wrench. Pull the plug out quickly and let the oil drain for 10 to 15 minutes. Check the gasket and threads for damage.

    • 3). Take off the oil filter using a strap-type oil filter wrench. Dump the old oil into the oil drip pan and put on the new oil filter. Tighten the oil filter by hand, and then replace the oil drain plug using the wrench. Clean off the excess oil.

    • 4). Go under the hood and add oil. Use SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-30. Turn on the engine and check the oil pressure gauge to make sure it rises. If it doesn't, turn the van off quickly and add more oil.

    • 5). Lower your Mercury Villager and turn off the engine. Take an oil reading on the dipstick. If the oil level isn't at full, add a bit more oil.

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