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Easy Ways to Improve Your Bathroom

A dream bathroom is one that is not only sleek and relaxing, but one that is functional. It can be difficult to translate your ideas into reality without knowing where to begin. From tiles to the bathtub, each element can work together to create an upgraded whole. Whether you are hoping to refinance your home or put it up on the market, the bathroom is one of the few rooms on a property that guarantees that you will see your money back and then some. To successfully complete a bathroom renovation, you must properly plan, utilize various resources and correctly budget, while understanding your limitations. Although your bathroom is likely one of the smallest rooms in your home, it can be an incredibly stressful improvement project without all of the elements in place. Even if you are attempting a smaller renovation project, you need to consider all of these pieces as well. A beautiful bathroom can quickly become a favorite in the home, while becoming a great selling point of your property. Take the time to research ideas and projects to ensure a successful endeavor.


One of the simplest ways to upgrade a bathroom is by replacing old hardware with newer models. Especially if any aspect is stained or rusty, these elements can easily make your bathroom look dated. Choose pieces in similar metal shades for uniformity, while selecting a style that matches the design of the rest of your home. You don't need to spend a lot of money on the hardware, but make sure they are rust-resistant or rust-proof.


An old bathtub with cracked or stained tiles can make a bathroom seem dark and dated. However, a brand new bathtub can be incredibly expensive and hard to replace. If you aren't very handy, it's best to look into a bath liners that cover your existing tub space. Your retailer may even provide installation with the purchase cost. The result is a sleek, new finish that is resistant to mold and cracking. The best improvement centers can even provide models with ornate designs for that unique touch. Your bathroom will immediately look brighter and more modern, especially with the new hardware.


Cracked or chipped paint is another common occurrence in the bathroom. As it is the most damp room of the house, mold can also become an issue. It's important to strip away the old paint before applying new colors, as this method is prone to peeling. A fresh coat of bathroom paint is resistant to mold and chipping, which will make the area appear brand new. Choose colors in neutral or bright shades if you have a smaller bathroom, as darker tones can make the room feel even more confined. If you have a spacious bathroom you can be more creative with the shade, with even an accent wall in a contrasting color for a modern feel.


Whether laminate or tiled, bathroom flooring can become worn over the years, especially around the toilet, tub and sink. Discolored tiles can also become a source of odor, as well. This can be one of the more expensive projects, but is guaranteed to improve the value of your home. Before you tear up any tiles, it's important to create a plan or find a professional to do the job for you. These contractors can help you choose the correct shade, material and style, to not only fit your home, but hold up over time.

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