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Do You Hear What Bloggers Hear?


That is the sound of the impact of blogs today.

Blogs are an overnight marketing sensation. When someone started it, everyone else followed suit. More visibility. Widely read. And a source of great profits.
Want to know the blogging success secrets?

Eye-Catching Title.

Titles are bait. Your readers are the fishes. The minute they see the juicy title, they get hooked. Now they let themselves be taken willingly to wherever that title will lead them.

Your title should be catchy enough to arouse attention and curiosity for your readers to read the whole content. Boring titles drive people away. People want information. They do not want to be put to sleep.

Picture Perfect.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words. You can go all day describing and writing about what you want to say. Putting a picture instead will save you time and effort.

People love pictures. The right picture will tell your story for you. Pictures on blogs provide the emphasis you want to get across to your readers. Those pictures will say it all minus the words and minus the explanation.

Brief Informational Content.

Majority of readers hate long sentences and wordy paragraph. Most of them do not have the patience to read everything to know what the blog is about.
Blogs are not novels. Keep your blogs brief. Short enough to not bore people but long enough to tell people what you are up to. Consider white space as a breathing room. Using your blog, you can direct them to your website where all other relevant information can be found.

Clean Page.

Too much clutter is an eyesore. This is the same with blogs. Too much graphics, too many links and messy content is a definite reader buster. One glance and your readers are running away from you.

Keep your blog page clean yet interesting. Do not distract your readers from what you want them to read about. They want something more than beautiful designs or impressive looking formats.


Nobody, as in nobody, wants old news. The pace is going forward. It is not stuck somewhere in time and it is also not going back in time.

Keep yourself updated with the latest buzz in the market. Learn about what new things are happening in your niche and tell your readers about it. Continuing to provide people with useful and new information will give you loyal readers that will come back for more.

Be The Reader.

Imagine yourself in your reader's position when writing your blogs. Ask yourself if you would be interested to read the blog when you see it posted online.
Blogs are read. This is the primary purpose of writing one. Combine informational and interesting as factors in your blogs.

These are the secrets behind every successful blogs.

Bloggers who are hearing that voluminous sound know the secrets already. They have used these secrets to get people to get people hooked in their blogs. Now they are enjoying the fruits of their effort. And savoring that "Ka-Blogging" sound.

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