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Projectile Vomiting in Dogs


    • Projectile vomiting is characterized as severe vomiting. This style of vomiting can carry vomit a considerable distance. While occasional projectile vomiting is not typically seen as a medical problem, if the vomiting continues, it can be a serious medical concern. Consistent projectile vomiting can cause dehydration and signal a serious medical condition.

    Possible Cause: Foreign Body

    • A foreign body either lodged in the throat or in the stomach of the dog can cause a dog to vomit. In some cases, the foreign body can be removed without surgery. If the foreign body is visible in the throat, it might be possible for a veterinarian to remove it after sedating the dog. If the foreign body appears to be small enough to pass through the dog with some assistance, the veterinarian might prescribe a laxative for the dog. If neither of these options are possible, surgical intervention can be necessary to save the dog.

    Possible Cause: Toxins

    • Projectile vomiting can be the result of a dog ingesting a toxin or rotten food. If the poison or food is not expelled, it can continue to poison the dog. This can be exasperated by the dehydration caused by the frequent vomiting. Seeking veterinary assistance is vital to ensure that the poison or toxin is neutralized before the dog becomes extremely sick or potentially dies.

    Possible Cause: Growth Spurts

    • Growth spurts can cause occasional projectile vomiting. This is because a sudden growth spurt can cause the stomach to become irritated or have an excess of stomach acid. In addition, the puppy's desire to quickly devour the food can further upset his stomach, causing continuing vomiting. This vomiting does not require treatment, although the dog should be checked by veterinarian if the symptoms continue. A preventive measure could include limiting the amount of food the dog gets at a single serving and instead feeding the dog more frequently.

    Seeking Veterinary Assistance

    • As stated, if the projectile vomiting is occasional, there might not be a need to visit a veterinarian. However, persistent vomiting should be checked by a veterinarian to determine the cause and offer a prognosis. In addition, the veterinarian might also be able to assist in finding ways to prevent further incidents.

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