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How to Begin to Cross Stitch

Arts & Crafts
Cross stitching is the art of sewing stitches to create a picture. Learning this art can provide many relaxing hours as you create beauty for your home. You can easily find pattern books, fabric, embroidery floss and other supplies at your local hobby store or online. Cross stitching is related to n

How to Sew a Detached Collar

Arts & Crafts
Detachable collars provide a method for giving a shirt or a dress a new appearance with just one simple change. Detachable collars were fashionable in the 1980s and 1990s, but died out of fashion soon afterward. In the 2010s, the collars saw a brief revival. Since the trend is not mainstream, it can

How to Make a Hamster Costume

Arts & Crafts
Dressing as a hamster is something that many young children will enjoy. You can use the costume for a play, Halloween, or for simply dressing up around the house. Add or remove any element of the costume that you wish to make a costume individualized to your child. The base for this costume is a lig