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Definition of Networking Software

Networks consist of hardware, such as servers, Ethernet cables and wireless routers, and networking software. Networking software differs from software applications in that the software does not perform tasks that end-users can see in the way word processors and spreadsheets do. Instead, networking

How to Buy Blank DVDs

Blank DVDs can be purchased from just about any computer or consumer electronics store and are usually found in the computer department. It's important to pay attention to the format of your DVD recorder. DVDs can be bought in DVD +R or DVD --R format. The format is displayed on the packaging. Anoth

How to Ping EzineArticles

EzineArticles is an article marketing website that allows users to generate traffic for their websites. When you publish an article on EzineArticles with a backlink to your website, readers who come across your article may be interested enough to click on the backlink that will land them on your sit