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How to Unlock Tabs on Facebook

Once you set up tabs on your Facebook page, they are locked in place and cannot be moved. Tab locking is automatic, but not permanent. You can unlock the tabs to rearrange them or to delete a tab you no longer want showing on the page. No matter what you plan to do with the tabs, unlocking them is a

How to Build Dynamic Web Portals

Web portals sum up all the relevant information you need in one page. Some portals serve as a general introduction to all that's happening in the world. Others offer information from a more specific topic, like, which focuses on the American public's relationship with the government. Most po

How to Make a Bebo Background

Bebo or Blog Early Blog Often is a social networking platform that is owned by Criterion Capital Partners. If you have a Bebo account, it is possible to customize your background and other visual elements of your profile. When creating your own Bebo background or "skin," you can use one of