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How to Change Music on a ZN4 SD

The ZN4, a touch-screen mobile phone available on Verizon's network, turns your phone into a multimedia device with its music player and camera capabilities. It includes a slot to insert a microSD card to expand on your phone's internal storage capacity. After you load the card with music, you can c

How to Convert RAM to MP3 on Linux

Converting a RAM file into an MP3 may be easier to do on Linux than it is on Windows. A RAM file is just a text file that tells the music player where the actual audio file is on the Internet. To convert a RAM file, you need to first change the file to a WAV file or another intermediary format that

Camera Effects for a PC

Digital cameras have many effects of their own that they can add to a picture.Fall Picture image by KateC from Fotolia.comAdding effects to your picture on your PC gives you the ability to add some fun and life to your pictures. With the power of a PC, there are several things that can be...