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DIY Gear Indicator

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It's easy to see what gear you're in when you're driving a car. Some motorcycles, such as a 1984 GS550ES, had gear indicator displays. Many motorcyclists have considered how to add this feature to their bike. Mechanically, counting the up-shifts and down shifts doesn't always work because you can mi

Uses of Pumice Stones

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Pumice is a lightweight rock mined in many different countries and is formed when lava shoots from volcanoes and cools down, according to Pumice stones are generally associated with pedicures and salon care. However, there are many ways to use a pumice stone, and not just as a beauty

How to Display Sneakers

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Show off your sneaker collection by displaying it creatively as art. Using shelving or boxes to display sneakers will not only help you locate your sneakers, but it will also keep them in pristine condition. Before building a display, decide if you want to display the sneakers for art work in your h