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Bankrupcty & Filing Taxes

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A typical question for those filing bankruptcy involves the tax consequences of filing. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider debt discharged in bankruptcy as forgiven debt. If it did, bankrupt filers would have to pay taxes on the amount of money discharged in their bankruptcy case. As of

How Does APY Work?

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Calculating APYCalculating APY as mentioned above involves compounding usually monthly (could also be daily, quarterly or semi annually). So using our example, a five percent annual interest rate will result in 5/12 percent monthly rate, which amounts to 0.42 percent. Therefore, after one...

How to Send Money to Fiji

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There are many reasons why you may need to send money overseas. Maybe you have family or friends living in other countries. Maybe someone close to you is visiting a foreign country and suddenly finds themselves out of resources. Whatever the case may be, the easiest way to send money overseas quickl