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Asking For God's Help

So many people are going through tough situations in life alone. Most do not have anyone to talk to or are ashamed of sharing their problems with anyone. These people put on a brave face to the world but deep down, they are in great pain. If you are one of those people, God wants you to know that yo

It's Game Time

We have all been there and know that feeling of nervous butterflies flying around in the pit of our stomach. I awoke this morning and felt this feeling of anxiety and restlessness. At first I wasn't sure why I was feeling nervous and even as I sit here and write I'm still not exactly sure.

Coaching 1-2-3

Coaching is changing the world. It is challenging us all to think for a change, in a non-prescriptive manner by asking ourselves and others around us powerful questions. Coaching is getting us to do three things we typically don't do - ask questions, listen and think. Coaching is changing lives